I have a deep and broad understanding of the Polish language and Polish culture. I have the ability to convey both the style and substance of a Polish text and express it in natural sounding British English.

Some of my most appreciative clients have been people who can understand both Polish and English and freely admit that I added value above and beyond what they could have done.

It has been said that having two hands does not make you a pianist and similarly knowing two languages is not sufficient to produce high quality translations. It is the way you use what you have that matters!

literary translation from Polish into English

What do I mean by literary translation?

Not just books! I translate shorter texts such as articles, letters, museum display boards and reports — projects that matter to the client, where quality is more important than speed.

Not just fiction! I studied literary translation at university and I do enjoy translating contemporary Polish fiction, but I have done other projects such as a presentation on the history and development of Polish design which were every bit as demanding and creative as translating fiction.

Not primarily deadline-driven! Of course deadlines are inevitable, but I do not just churn words. I take time to fully understand the context of your text, to do research if necessary and to absorb the mood of the piece. My translation method involves an iterative process, which takes time.

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So if you have a project that matters to you, that isn’t required for yesterday, and you would like the nuances, style and tone of the Polish conveyed into English please get in touch.

I can cover a broad range of topics and styles, but if I believe I cannot do justice to your project I will be quite open about it and  let you know I am not the right person for that particular job.

literary translation from Polish into English

My books

My latest translation has just been published by Kabaty Press.

It is Impressions of America (second edition, 1922) by Konstanty Buszczyński. It deserves a full description so I have put information about it on a separate page. Please click the book title to go to the page.

I have translated the memoirs of Antoni Szymański, Poland’s military attaché in Berlin from 1932 to 1939, until the outbreak of World War II. These memoirs were first published in Polish by Veritas in London in 1959 under the title Zły Sąsiad. My translation of them forms the central part of Mirek Malevski’s book Zły Sąsiad —The Evil Neighbour.

I have translated both fiction and reportage for the Polish Book Institute. My translations of excerpts from the following books are available online in the relevant issues of New Books from Poland :

Raising Mountains: True Life Stories from Polesie by M. Szejnert - p45, Fall 2015

Little Heaven by Brygida Helbig - p35, Fall 2014

Part and Parcel of Life by Paweł Potoroczyn - p21, Fall 2013

For a Short Time by Inga Iwasiów - p22, Fall 2012

A Domestic Charade by Zośka Papużanka - p26, Fall 2012

The Londoners by Ewa Winnicka - p30, Spring 2012

Zanzibar - Home of the Turtle by M. Szejnert - p24, Spring 2012

The Rattle by Joanna Jodełka - p20, Spring 2011

There's Nothing To Say by Marta Szarejko - p24, Spring 2011

Towards the Sun by Inga Iwasiów - p20, Fall 2010

Learning English by Wilhelm Dichter - p14, Fall 2010

Diddums by Sylwia Chutnik - p14, Spring 2010

Home by Piotr Ibrahim Kalwas - p32, Spring 2010


My translations in other Polish Book Institute publications:

Death’s Deliverer by Paweł Jaszczuk - p34 Crime Fiction

The Rattle by Joanna Jodełka - p40 Crime Fiction

A Pilgrimage to the Holy Land of Egypt by Tomasz Mirkowicz - p44 Modern Classics

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